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Pregame Interview With Chip Kelly

Instead of breaking down the game with ATQ, I decided to go straight to the source and interview Oregon head coach Chip Kelly. The results of the conversation are after the break.

BTD: First of all, congratulations on your 11-0 season. It must be a great feeling to know that you are only one win away from facing Auburn in the National Championship.

CK: Oregon State is our National Championship, that's all we are focused on right now.

BTD: Sure coach. What do you think about the Cam Newton situation?

CK: Who's Cam Newton?

BTD: What do you think about California faking injuries to slow your Offense down?

CK: The refs told me that didn't happen, so it must not have occured.

BTD: But Jeff Tedford reprimanded Cal's Defensive Coordinator for telling his player to take a dive.

CK: That's news to me. I'm just focusing on Oregon State.

BTD: Let's talk about real injuries. How's Jackson Rice doing, and don't you dare say he's Day to Day.

CK: He's Day to Day.

BTD: Could you please give me a real answer?

CK: No

BTD: Didn't think so. Who is your favorite sideline reporter, Jenn Brown or Erin Andrews?

CK: Brown, by far

BTD: Alright, let's get to the game. Who is going to be the X-Factor for the Oregon Ducks?

CK: I can't tell you that. Why do you think I close practices?

BTD: Coach, there's no point in having this discussion if you aren't going to give me any straight answers. Can you please tell me what the keys to the game will be.

CK: We have to Win The Day. By the way, nice boots.

That's a little inappropriate, but thank you. So, how will you win the day?

CK: By playing well.

BTD: Do you deal in hypotheticals?

CK: No

BTD: Thanks Coach