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Civil War Injury Update

Oregon St. junior fullback Will Darkins, who missed much of the USC game, but returned against Stanford, will not play Saturday in the Civil War, due to a sprained MCL. The good news is that Darkins will not need surgery for the sprain, because the ligament is not torn. Darkins is expected to be 100% well before spring ball.

Joe Halahuni, who suffered "concussion-like symptoms" after the Stanford game, and Keith Pankey, who played at Stanford on a sore and heavily taped ankle that he hurt against USC, will both be decisions made later in the week, based on their progress.

Defensive tackle Brennan Olander, who has a torn pectoral muscle that will require surgery at some point, but has made it clear he wants to play in the Civil War, is still questionable. Oregon St. coach Mike Riley said he would have to have "a great meeting with the doctors" before allowing Olander to play. Olander was in street clothes on the sideline at the Stanford game.