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Seattle Shocks Oregon St. Again

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The Seattle Redhawks shocked Oregon St. again. Unlike last year in Corvallis, when the Redhawks bashed the Beavers 99-48, this one was close, but at the end it was still Seattle ahead, 83-80, as the Redhawks claimed their first win of the season.

The scouting report on Seattle for anyone is match up your most mobile defender with Sterling Carter. It doesn't work to use a base defense that doesn't deny him wherever he is at, and to start the game, Oregon St. left Carter loose, and his shooting had the Redhawks in good shape early.

It was the fifth game for Seattle, vs. three for the Beavers, and it showed. Oregon St. didn't play well at times, and not all of that was due to Seattle.

Oregon St. should have brought their black uniforms if Seattle is going to wear red, not white at home. Bright red vs. red-orange on a floor with a lot of red paint on it was brutal on the eyes.

Omari Johnson played 7:35 to start the game, and got right back in quickly. If he gets his confidence up, his wingspan could allow him to have a heck of a senior season.

Angus Brandt had a good block right away upon coming in off the bench, and he made some powerful plays over the course of the game. Brandt needs to consistently be a force when on the floor, because he's a matchup problem for a lot of teams.

The Beavers' Ahmad Starks didn't look like a freshman early on, but didn't look like anything later, largely disappearing.

Oregon State was shooting only 8 of 24 from the field 12 minutes into the game, and that helped keet Seattle in the game.

The game was tied 43-43 at halftime, and ball security and management for the Beavers was why.

Against Seattle, any team needs to make it a game in the paint, taking advantage of the Redhawks' lack of length. When the Beavers did, they were able to dictate terms. However, they couldn't or didn't do it consistently.

In looking at Seattle's overall results, compared to how they play against Oregon St., and any other relatively higher profile opponent they can get on the schedule, like Fresno St. (the Huskies are on enough of a different talent level that they don't tend to let little brother have a chance), it's apparent coach Cameron Dollar not only places a great emphasis on the games when people are watching, he gets above average effort from his players. That's understandable. Dollar is trying to recruit players, fans, and donors, and attract tv appearances, and corporate support. Playing well against a Pac-10 opponent on tv is when all of those prospects are looking in, and so the game is more important for the Redhawks than their opponent.

Joe Burton had a real slow start, and is another Beaver that needs to find a way to play with consistency. When he does play to his potential, he's become another tough to match up with type of player.

An 8-0 Oregon St. run about a minute early in the second half started a momentum shift. Oregon St. eventually took a 12 point lead, though Seattle cut it back down to 10 with 10 minutes left.

Seattle countered Oregon St.'s second half spurt, but it took until there was less than six minutes left to catch up, with a 14-2 run. Oregon St. started trying to milk the clock too early in this one.

Alex Jones was scoreless in the first half, but put up 11 points, and pulled down 6 rebounds, sparking Seattle in the second half.

Calvin Haynes and Burton both got in foul trouble with around five minutes, way too much time, left, and the Redhawks retook the lead.

Jared Cunningham had 19 points for the Beavers, but had to take his fifth foul with 9.8 seconds left.

Once ahead, Seattle stretched their lead enough to stretch Oregon St. The Beavers climbed back into the game with free throws, but after Cunningham fouled himself out, Stanford was able to close things out. Oregon St. didn't even get up a successful shot.

Ball management continued to plague Oregon St., who committed 15 turnovers in the second half.

SB Nation Seattle had extensive coverage of the game as well.

Seattle earned the win in what was an exciting game all the way, one both teams should learn from going forward.

Oregon St. played well at times, but that last phrase is the key. Coach Craig Robinson will be looking for consistency, both on the individual and the team level, in the days to come. How much he finds will directly determine how many wins he finds.

Oregon St. (1-1) will return to action Sunday at 4:30, against Texas-Southern.