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2010-2011 BTD College Basketball Preview-Oregon State

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We continue our preview with a look at the 2010-2011 Oregon State Basketball team. Enjoy!

After a thrilling 08-09 season in which the Beavers won the College Basketball Invitational, expectations were high going into last year. But the Beavers under-achieved, finishing the season with a sub .500 record, losses to UCI and Seattle U, and getting bounced in the 1st Round of the CBI by Boston U.

Still, the season provided more hope in Corvallis, giving Coach Robinson a contract extension through the 2015-2016 season.


Talented recruits, led by Ahmad Starks, make their way into Craig Robinson’s system, making this team almost full of CR’s players. UTEP Transfer Eric Moreland will be eligible immediately, and Guard Roberto Nelson will finally be able to play. Most importantly, Senior Calvin Haynes will finally have the tools around him to have a great season.


Even Robinson has admitted that the Beavers need to take the step from respectability to national contention, and that the team’s goal is the NCAA Tournament. This is a roster full of good, athletic players, and the road to a better season will start in the backcourt.


With the departure of both Tarver brothers, the Beavers will rely on both Senior Calvin Haynes and Sophomore Jared Cunningham. Calvin averaged 12.5 PPG last season and is the team’s best shooter. Jared was the team’s most efficient scorer last year, but foul trouble haunted him throughout the season.

When Cunningham is out, the Beavers will turn to one of their best players in Roberto Nelson. After sitting out last season, the former Top-100 recruit is ready to make a splash in the Pac-10. Coach Robinson often described Roberto as the team’s best practice player last season, and his ability from outside the arc is something Oregon State fans haven’t seen in a while.

Rounding out the backcourt is Freshmen Ahmad Starks and Senior Lathen Wallace. Ahmad has drawn comparisons to ex-Oregon Duck Tajuan Porter and may be the most pure point guard on the team. Lathen is one of only two Senior guards on the roster, but may not see much time because of all the athletes around him. Still though, if the Beavers need a three late in the game, expect Wallace to be on the floor.


Leading the big men will be Sophomore Joe Burton. Oregon State’s Offense is perfect for guys like Joe, players who were born to pass and rebound. Burton averaged 4.5 Rebounds and Points per Game last season in only 16 Minutes per game.

At the Forward position, the Beavers will rely on Sophomore Angus Brandt and Senior Daniel Deane. Brandt has shown some ability from three-point range, and if he can hit that shot consistently, we could be watching the next Roeland Schaftenaar. Daniel Deane brings back the more conventional Power Forward style of play, but will have to improve his shots around the basket to keep his starting role.

Another Aussie, Rhys Murphy, is back after sitting out last season with a knee injury. Murphy could replace Seth Tarver on the top of the 1-3-1 Defense. Forward Omari Johnson also returns for his senior season, bringing toughness down low but a soft touch from outside. The Beavers also have high hopes for Freshmen Devon Collier and UTEP Transfer Eric Moreland. Rounding out the roster is Junior Kevin McShane and Freshmen Chris Brown and Daniel Jones.


Final Thoughts

I am a huge fan of Coach Robinson and always will be. But if the Beavers don’t go to the NIT or better this season, there will be some rumblings around Beaver Nation.

Their Non-Conference Schedule sets up very nicely, with only three tough games: at Seattle U, at Montana, and at Colorado. Even if the Beavers lose those games, they would enter conference play with eight wins. If they finish Pac-10 play with around a 9-9 record, they would be in serious consideration for the NIT.

The Beavers have lost some key players from all across the court, most importantly Point Center Roeland Schaftenaar and the Tarver Brothers. But Robinson has said that the team will be more athletic then ever, and that means more wins in a fast and physical Pac-10 Conference.


Expectations are lower than last year but I really don’t know why. The team is young, but they are full of athleticism and talent all across the floor. If freshmen like Roberto Nelson, Ahmad Starks, and Devon Collier step up, this team could easily finish in the Top Half of the Pac-10.


0      Kevin McShane         F          6-9        230        Jr.
1      Jared Cunningham     G          6-4        190        So.
3      Ahmad Starks           G          5-8        150        Fr.
4      Chris Brown             C          6-11       245        Fr.

11    Joe Burton                F/C       6-7        295        So.

12   Angus Brandt            F/C       6-10       237        So.

13   Rhys Murphy             F          6-7         195        RS Fr.

15   Eric Morleand            F         6-10        201        Fr.

22   Calvin Haynes           G         6-2          182        Sr.

24   Omari Johnson          F         6-9           220        Sr.

30   Daniel Deane            F         6-8           246        Sr.

34   Lathen Wallace        G         6-3           199        Sr.

41   Daniel Jones            F/C      6-11         208        Fr.

44   Devon Collier           F         6-7          206         Fr.

55   Roberto Nelson       G         6-3          188         RS Fr.

Game-by-Game Predictions after the break

Game-by-Game Predictions

Date            Opponent                                  Time (Pacific)             Prediction            Record  

Nov. 9th       Western Oregon (Exhibition)       7:00 PM                      W, 63-40             1-0

Nov. 14th     UT-Arlington                              1:30 PM                      W, 59-50             1-0
Nov. 17th     @ Seattle U                                7:00 PM                      L, 67-66             1-1
Nov. 21st      Texas Southern                           4:30 PM                     W, 70-50            2-1
Nov. 24th      UNC Charlotte                           7:00 PM                     W, 66-48              3-1
Nov. 27th      @ Howard                                 4:00 PM                     W, 59-53              4-1
Dec. 1st         Utah Valley                                7:00 PM                     W, 57-50           5-1
Dec. 4th         @ Colorado                              7:00 PM                      L, 64-60             5-2
Dec. 12th        Texas-Pan American                 1:30 PM                     W, 70-45            6-2
Dec. 15th        @ Montana                               6:00 PM                     L, 61-60             6-3
Dec. 18th        George Washington                   4:30 PM                     W, 55-50            7-3
Dec. 22nd       Illinois-Chicago                         7:00 PM                     W, 65-58              8-3
Dec. 30th        Arizona State                            7:30 PM                     W, 65-61           9-3 (1-0)
Jan. 2nd          Arizona                                     7:00 PM                     W, 74-71          10-3 (2-0)
Jan. 6th           @ Washington State              TBA                            L, 85-72              10-4 (2-1)
Jan. 8th           @ Washington                        3:30 PM                     L, 80-60              10-5 (2-2)
Jan. 13th         UCLA                                        5:30 PM                     L, 65-58            10-6 (2-3)
Jan. 15th         USC                                          7:30 PM                     W, 57-50           11-6 (3-3)

Jan. 22nd        Oregon                                     3:00 PM                     W, 70-60            12-6 (4-3)

Jan. 27th         @ California                            8:00 PM                      L, 68-65              12-7 (4-4)

Jan. 29th         @ Stanford                              TBA                             W, 60-55            13-7 (5-4)
Feb. 3rd           Washington                            6:00 PM                      W, 57-55            14-7 (6-4)
Feb. 5th           Washington State                  5:00 PM                      W, 65-60              15-7 (7-4)
Feb. 10th         @ USC                                    8:00 PM                      W, 70-65           16-7 (8-4)

Feb. 12th         @ UCLA                                  1:00 PM                       L, 72-61            16-8 (8-5)

Feb. 19th         @ Oregon                               1:00 PM                       L, 64-61            16-9 (8-6)
Feb. 24th          Stanford                                 6:00 PM                      W, 57-56            17-9 (9-6)

Feb. 26th          California                               3:00 PM                      W, 55-54              18-9 (10-6)

Mar. 3rd            @ Arizona                               TBA                             L, 64-59            18-10 (10-7)

Mar. 5th            @ Arizona State                     TBA                             L, 71-68            18-11 (10-8)

So there you have it. Make sure to check back tomorrow for the Pac-10 North preview.

Go Beavers!