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News and Notes From Tuesday's Press Conference

The biggest thing everybody was interested in at today's weekly press conference at the Valley Football Center was an update on the injury report.

Oregon St. coach Mike Riley reconfirmed that WR/KR James Rodgers will play Saturday in Tucson against the ninth ranked Arizona Wildcats.

WR Aaron Nichols and RB Jordan Jenkins, who both suffered blows to the head Saturday in the Beavers' 31-28 win over Arizona St., are going thru the head injury progress. Riley did note that both are ahead of where James Rodgers was at the same point in the week. Consider both to be a game time decision Saturday, but their prospects appear better than James' were.

LB Dwight Roberson has a new knee brace, and used it Monday in practice. Riley said they will continue to see how he does thru the week. Expect another game time, and even in game, decision on his availability.

TE Brady Camp, who left the ASU game with a bruise in the lower back that seemed to be possibly pinching a nerve was described as "being better".

TE Colby Prince is walking in a boot. Don't expect to see Prince in action for a while.

One other significant piece of news is that the game on 10/16 in Seattle, against the Washington Huskies, will be a 7:15 PM kickoff, with ESPN coverage of the game.