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2010-2011 Building the Dam College Basketball Preview-Introduction

To help prepare you for the 2010-2011 NCAA Basketball Season, BTD has scoured the nation and gotten help from over 15 College Basketball Blogs. Beginning later today and going through next week, you will find the most comprehensive College Basketball Preview, all through a fan’s perspective. Below is the schedule for the entire preview. Enjoy!

October 28th-Intro/National
October 29th-Big 12, MAC, Mountain West
October 30th-SEC
October 31st-Pac-10 General
November 1st-Oregon State

November 3rd-Washington, Washington State, Oregon, California, Stanford
November 4th-USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State
November 5th-Boise State, NEC

So there you have it. Make sure to check back every day for a different preview.


Go Beavers!