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Sit Back Saturday Open Thread

With a weekend off before Homecoming, unless you are playing Humans vs. Zombies, the non-BCS rankings version, as an Oregon St. fan, or an Oregon fan, for that matter, its "sit back Saturday". As in sit back and see what happens.

Around the Pac-10, a rested Arizona St. team visits a mysterious Cal Bears bunch still reeling from a 42-0 half against USC that needs to right the ship before they head into Reser next week, for a game which, by the way, will be televised, by Fox College Sports. Everyone associated with the Beavers have reason to wonder what Cal is going to look like.

Washington St. visits Stanford, and someone may even watch it. More interesting will be this evening on ESPN, when Washington visits Arizona. If the Husky's season long pattern of alternating between terrible performances and great ones holds up, it should be a big night for the Wildcats. If Washington can break that pattern, Arizona's post season prospects take a distinctly different track.

Both teams are in Oregon St.'s rear view mirror, but tie-breakers that could come into play down the road means an Arizona win is in the Beavers' best interests. In any case, the outcome will impact the image of Oregon St. as well when lines (and TV appearances) are being determined.

Across the country, there are several games that will have a big impact on the BCS, and other major bowl games.

In the SEC, unbeaten LSU, 6th. in the BCS visits unbeaten Auburn, who is 4th. in the BCS.

In the Big XII, unbeaten Oklahoma, #1 in the BCS, visits unbeaten Missouri, who nevertheless is only #11 in the BCS. And just bumped off Nebraska, who fell to #16, visits unbeaten Oklahoma St., 14th. in the BCS.

Up Big-10 way, unbeaten Michigan St., 7th. in the BCS, visits Northwestern, while Wisconsin, once beaten and #13 visits Iowa, beaten only by Arizona, but ranked #15.

All of these potentially have great bearing on all Pac-10 members, as the only way a second conference team gets to a BCS bowl, and everyone in the Pac collects a share of a BCS payout, is if Oregon goes to Glendale for the National Championship game.

So sit back and take in the day's developments, and share your thoughts on a Saturday that's both interesting and exciting, but a rare one where the only BCS game played in the entire northwest is New Mexico St. at Idaho! (Boise St. is off until Tuesday.) Seems so strange to not be going to a game on a Saturday!