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Thursday Night Open Thread

Even though it's a quiet, bye week for Oregon St., its been a big day, and a big evening around the conference.

Today, the announcement came of how the Pac will proceed once 12 teams come to be next season.

And tonight at 6, the conference, for the first time in a long time, has a team not named USC ranked #1 on TV. It's the first team any conference member besides the Trojans has played a Thursday night game as the number one team in the nation.

So set back, and discuss your take on North-South football divisions, the coming (finally) of television revenue sharing, and the advent not only of a Pac-12 football championship game, but one that could be played in Reser Stadium, or in any other conference facility.

Then you can dissect the ESPN airing of the Oregon-UCLA game, an event even Bruin Nation is referring to as "Death by Ducks". Will the audience be gone by halftime? (Remember, the last time a #1 ranked Pac-10 team played on a Thursday night, a similar result was widely expected...)