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BTD College Basketball Pick'Em Standings: Week 8

Once again, there isn't much shakeup in the standings after an interesting week in the BTD College Basketball Pick'Em. In the top games of the week, Purdue dominated West Virginia, Kansas took care of Temple, and Duke demolished Clemson. As expected, Texas beat Gardner-Webb and Kansas defeated Belmont. 

So, here are your Week 8 Standings.

Place              Name                       Total Score

1st                   ConnorOSU            118 Points
2nd                  C_hawkfan              107 Points
3rd                   Figgi4life                 101 Points
4th                   Jimmy James          92 Points
5th                   cloudydays             76 Points
6th                   The VD Special       73 Points
7th                   sdfan21                  46 Points
8th                   Jake Bertalotto        39 Points
9th                   cmr                         30 Points
10th                 Tortuga12                24 Points