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USC Game (Connor's thoughts from Gill)

Wow, what a great game. Despite the rough showing in the first 10 minutes, we battled back and played some great Basketball. Below are my thoughts on the game.

First, the game itself. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give us an 8. Like I said above, the first 10 minutes were pretty tough to watch. Not getting rebounds, missing layups, etc. But after that, everything seemed to click. Our trap was amazing, we started hitting our jumpers, and as The Orange Joe put it, Calvin "all-of-a-sudden-I'm-Roy" Haynes played spectacular. When the team plays like this, we can beat most teams in the Pac-10. The problem is, sometimes we don't.

You could tell as soon as the 2nd Half began that the Beavers were going to be tough to beat. Our Defense was so tenacious that the Trojans had to take a timeout 10 seconds into the Half. We came out with lots of energy, and the crowd fed off it. For the 1st Half, the crowd looked like it had just gotten back from a really long and boring Sunday Mass. Including the Beaver Dam! But in the 2nd Half, Gill was alive and rocking, just like it should be. Take that Ken Bone!

Now, some random things. The Pac-10 is absolutely nuts this year. And I'm alright with that. The Beavers are in 9th Place, yet are only three games out of First. This will probably be the only game I attend this season but it was very fun to go back to Gill. Our seats were great, and after the game we got to go down on the court. I got pictures with Benny, an OSU Cheerleader, and Lamar Hurd. (I'll try and post them here later if you want.) It was a great experience and I highly reccomend it to anyone that's on the fence about going down.

Sorry that I can't post more. It's tougher for me to write about Basketball than it is Football and Baseball.

                                                                                       Go Beavs!