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Long time Beaver Lost, and Lost In The Shuffle

With all the events in the last few days, between two Civil War contests, the Pac-10 altering hiring of Pete Carroll by the Seattle Seahawks, and Oregon St. extending Mike Riley's contract thru 2019, the passing of a Northwest legend has largely been overlooked.

Bob Blackburn passed away in Seattle Friday at age 85, bringing to a close one of the longest careers in broadcasting and journalism the region has seen.

Bob was best known as the first, and long-time voice of the Seattle SuperSonics, and was an icon in the Sound area. But before that, Bob was the voice of the Oregon St. Beavers from 1954 thru 1968, calling OSU's last Rose Bowl game, and Terry Baker's Heisman Trophy run, as well as the games of the original giant killers.

Bob called OSU-Washington games back in the days when the Governors of both states would make it a point to come, and stop by the press box.

Bob was also the voice of the other Beavers, the Portland Beavers baseball team for 18 years.

Here's the link to the Seattle Post Intelligencer's article.