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Pac-10 TV Schedule, Week 2

No over-the-air coverage of the Pac-10 again this week, though ESPN has both the LA schools on their primary network. They are playing easily the most notable opponents, and from the most notable conferences that the league's opponents hail from. No conference games this week either.

Oregon State plays the last game Saturday, at UNLV of the Mt. West, with a broadcast start on CBS College Sports at 8:00 PM.

UCLA is at Tennessee of the SEC, at 1:00 on ESPN, and USC is at Ohio State of the Big 10, at 5:00, also on ESPN.

Purdue of the Big-10 is at Oregon at 7:15, on Fox Northwest, and is also the national game for the Fox regional networks.

The rest have only regional or limited access coverage, if any.

Idaho from the WAC is at Washington at 12:30, on Fox Northwest only.

Eastern Washington of the Big Sky is at California at 2:30, on Comcast Sports Network - California, which is unavailable to most northwest households.

Stanford is at Wake Forest of the ACC, and is only being televised on a replay basis, at 8:00, and on the Sport South network, which is generally only available in the northwest to those with the most extended of sports packages.

Hawaii of the WAC is playing Washington State at 4:00 at Qwest Stadium in Seattle. Fox Sports Northwest is scheduled to carry the Seattle Mariners road game at the Texas Rangers. Initially planned for a FSN alternate, all mention of the game has disappeared from even Washington State's publicity.

Northern Arizona of the Big Sky is at Arizona at 7:00, but is only available on local Arizona TV, and on a delayed basis at that, and on Gametracker.

Arizona State has the week off to prepare for next weeks' game against University of Louisiana-Monroe of the Sunbelt conference, which will be on Fox Sports Arizona.