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Friday Forum: Oregon State vs. Arizona

I'm sorry for putting so much of the weight on you guys this week... it feels like I've been playing catch up since I caught a cold earlier in the week and haven't had much time to write on BtD. You won't see much of me until late tonight when I'll try to churn out some preview material for you to read tomorrow before the game. For now, let's rely on our community here to talk about tomorrow's Pac-10 opener with Arizona. 

There's lots of talking points heading into this game, such as:


  • What improvements did Coach Cavanaugh and the offensive line make this week after being exploited by Cincinnati?
  • How will Canfield bounce back from last Saturday's loss? The onus wasn't completely on him, but he definitely bore a lot of the brunt of Cincinnati's defensive attack. 
  • How is Jacquizz Rodgers' ankle? He rushed for under 100 yards against the Bearcats, which is an anomaly these days.
  • Defensive line: Can they continue to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks, but come up with more results? Tony Pike was adept at side-stepping Beaver blitzers, and I'm not sure the man Arizona will run out onto the field--Nick Foles-- will be nearly as good in that respect. How many sacks are you looking for tomorrow?
There are other topics, sure, but there is a good place to start. One thing is for certain-- Taylor Kavanaugh's head is in the right place


--Jake (