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Friday Open Thread: Final Preparations

To me, winning this game tomorrow would not just be a victory that spans the course of one week. If the Beavers win tomorrow at Reser Stadium, it will be a game that could act as a springboard for some great things. 

If there are any experienced procrastinators out there, you know the feeling when you complete that project far before the deadline-- the sense of accomplishment, relief... you know what I mean. It seems that what Oregon State has been doing in recent years is simply procrastinating-- losing early season games they should win, and pulling out dramatic victories at the end to make up for it. 

Tomorrow is a chance to end that streak-- to prove that Oregon State can come out and take care of business in the pre-season, and leave no doubt that they are a team that can make a splash in conference play. 

Jacquizz Rodgers hasn't been active in practice this week, but that's okay, right? Rumor has it he sprained his ankle on one of the first plays of the UNLV game, then managed to touch the ball 50-something times after that point. My opinion? You bet Quizz will play. I don't think he needs the practice this week, and Mike Riley is just being extra-conservative by holding him out and resting the sore wheel for tomorrow's game. 

To me, this isn't a game that will cap off and define a week of preparation and practice. This is a game that could change the course of an entire season. 

Thoughts? Feel free to respond to my rant above, but anything is game in the thread below. 

--Jake (