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GameThread: UNLV [ Viewing Party]

My afternoon nap went a little bit longer than originally planned... so here we are, a little late with the Game Thread, but hey, at least I didn't sleep through the game, right? 

Right. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. on the CBS College Sports Network. Here is where it is available, with some channel numbers: DirecTV (613), Dish Network (152), Cablevision (412), Comcast (412 and 725 in HD), Cox, Insight, Time Warner and Verizon FIOS.


The thread is yours. And in honor of OSU's trip to Vegas, and how much fun the OSU contingent who has traveled to the game has likely had already... we're calling this thread a party! A viewing party!)

All your game comments here. 

--Jake (