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Catchings' Injury: Not as serious as originally thought?

A couple days ago we learned the devastating news that Darrell Catchings was expected to miss the entire seasonwith a fractured wrist.  But today, we find out that the fracture wasn't as bad as originally thought. Buker origionally reported the news on Twitter, then had this to say on his blog:

WR Darrell Catchings does not have a broken bone in his wrist, will not need surgery, and could be back as early as the Beavers' Sept. 12 game at Nevada-Las Vegas, coach Mike Riley said. But there were some major qualificiations to that.

It was initially thought that Catchings had a broken bone in his wrist and would miss the entire season. He had surgery scheduled for Wednesday, but was re-examined and Riley is hopeful this latest diagnosis sticks.

"Best way for me to explain it, he DOES NOT have a fracture,'' said Riley of the area around Catchings' right wrist and hand.

"It was an old fracture that had healed that they initially saw on an X-ray.''

The good news is that the return of Darrell would mean more experience in the receiver corps, and that Marcus Wheaton won't be fed to the wolves as a true freshman at the "X" position, last occupied by the likes of Sammie Stroughter

Riley still stressed that this prognosis still was not final, it was just what he was being told on Thursday. He also said that Catchings could be back by the UNLV game in Week 2, but again, nothing was for sure. 

So it looks like we're back to the origionally posted recovery time: 3-4 weeks. 

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