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Beavers in SI Top 20; While the Ducks may want to Duck for Cover

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Oregon State is ranked #18 in the Sports Illustrated Preseason rankings, while the Oregon Ducks, ranked #11, are one of four teams faced with the infamous SI Cover jinx. The Ducks, are one of four teams on regional covers of Sports Illustrated this week, along with sixth ranked Mississippi in the south, seventh ranked Oklahoma State in the midwest, and #14 Penn State in the East.



(Image courtesy of Sports Illustrated.)


This should be encouraging news for Beaver fans, who may recall what happened in 2001, when Sports Illustrated chose Oregon State as its No. 1, which led to the Beavers finishing 5-6.

Notably, Jeremiah Masoli said he won't be rushing out to purchase a copy.

"I don't need a picture of me. I know what I look like," Masoli said with a chuckle after Tuesday's practice.

SI (accurately) sees Oregon State's prospects being keyed by linebackers Keaton Kristic, Dwight Roberson, and David Pa'aluh, and of course, a healthy dose of Jacquizz Rodgers.


(Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)


The top three are Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma, while USC is the top ranked PAC-10 team, at #4.

Cal leads the rest of the PAC, at 21, with UCLA at #50, Arizona St. #58, Stanford #62,  and Arizona #70. The Washington schools are deeper down, with Washington at #85, and Washington State #105.

Also notable for Oregon State fans, SI has UNLV slotted at #54 (are Beaver Believers looking at the Rebels as on a par with the Bruins and Sun Devils?), and Cincinnati #39.