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Upgrade/Downgrade - Right Tackle

Our Upgrade/Downgrade series stays on the offensive line as we look at the vacancy left by the third graduated member of the 2008 line... Tavita Thompson. Although Tavita missed the first seven games on the offensive line, he was a welcomed addition upon his return... he started the final six games of 2008 at right tackle, and finished his OSU career with 13 starts.

This year, Timi Oshinowo finds himself atop the depth chart at right tackle, but Colin Kelly, a talented freshman out of Kelso, Washington is a high-potential challenger headed into fall camp. I haven't yet seen Kelly play in person yet, but the word on the street is that he has added weight yet is still quick for his size.

I realize that Mike Remmers started the first half of the season at right tackle, but we're going to just focus on Thompson for the purpose of this post. If you want to chat about Remmers, simply follow this link.

Last Year:

Tavita Thompson

#76 / Offensive Linesman / Oregon St. Beavers




This Year:

Timi Oshinowo

#72 / Offensive Linesman / Oregon St. Beavers





Colin Kelly

#64 / Offensive Linesman / Oregon St. Beavers




Here's the place to decide if you think some combination of Kelly and Oshinowo will be an upgrade or downgrade from Tavita Thompson at right tackle. Perhaps you think another player will step up once fall camp starts on August 10? Here's the place to vote and discuss.

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