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Upgrade or Downgrade? - Left Guard

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Our Upgrade/Downgrade series stays on the line today but shifts over to left guard, where Michael Lamb or Ryan Pohl will step in for the departed Adam Speer. The point of this poll is to weigh whether Lamb and/or Pohl will be an upgrade or a downgrade from Adam Speer when all is said and done. Since neither Lamb or Pohl are entering their senior year of eligibility, they still have more than a year to develop into the player that Speer was... keep that in mind as you vote. This is also an opportunity to sound off on who you like at this position... Lamb, or Pohl?

Last Year:

Adam Speer

#51 / Guard / Oregon St. Beavers




This Year:

Mike Lamb

#61 / Offensive Linesman / Oregon St. Beavers




Ryan Pohl

#63 / Offensive Linesman / Oregon St. Beavers




Again, discussion on whether Pohl/Lamb will be an upgrade or downgrade is encouraged, but discussion on the competition between Lamb and Pohl is also encouraged.

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