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Upgrade or Downgrade? - Slotback

We continue our look at the departed starters today with the vacancy left by Shane Morales at Slotback. Just to clear things up, this poll is somewhat open ended in that you could interpret it in a number of different ways. For example, with the Stroughter/Catchings debate this morning, it was somewhat difficult because Catchings is entering his junior year and Stroughter was a senior last year. My stance is as follows: take the age differences into account, and weigh whether you think the incoming players will progress at a higher rate than the outgoing players did. Hopefully that makes sense.

Last Year:

Shane Morales

#13 / Wide Receiver / Oregon St. Beavers




This Year:

Casey Kjos

#25 / Wide Receiver / Oregon St. Beavers




Again, discussion is encouraged. I'll make sure that my take makes it to the comment thread at some point.

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