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Meh: USA Soccer Wins Best Upset at the 2009 ESPYs

Landon Donovan and company accepts the ESPY for "Best Upset" (via <a href=""></a>)
Landon Donovan and company accepts the ESPY for "Best Upset" (via

If you're like me, you're impressed when you tune into the ESPYs and see so many of the world's top athletes in one place. Kobe in the front row. T.O. in the house. Chad Ocho Cinco... not in the house, as according to Samuel L. Jackson. 

But the mere fact that Oregon State was nominated for "Best Upset", and the fact that James, Jacquizz, and Riley were in the house (although they didn't get much face time) was enough for me. The nominees montage still gave me chills. As we've discussed in the comments, USA Soccer is a National team. I'll bet that most of us aren't huge fans of soccer, and that the USC/OSU game meant a lot more to all of us. Heck, I didn't have a voice for the following two days-- and that doesn't happen very often. 

Our game was on ESPN. Erin Andrews was there. SkyCam was there. But it wasn't a game that any US citizen could relate too. USA Soccer? A lot more people can relate to that. 

Congratulations to Landon Donovan and the USA Soccer team, as well as the Tampa Bay Rays and Mine that Bird. 

Like Landon Donovan said when he was accepting the award, "we can't wait until other people are winning this award for upsetting us."

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