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When All Else Fails, Let's Sing

The months of June and July are usually the slow time for college football talk, but it's a generally a good time to make lists, countdown the days, and do what's possible to preview the upcoming season. However, Nick Daschel of Buster Sports takes it to the next level with his countdown of the Top Pac-10 fight songs with Norm Maves Jr., former Oregonian columnist. Nick writes:

Some are remarkable, some catchy, some go on and on and on (see USC), some are downright awful. And does anyone really know the words? If they did, wouldn't they question some of the phrases, like "Win the victory" (see Washington State)?

Who has the best fight song in the Pac-10? Who has the worst? I've heard them all, some many, many dozens of times. But I'm no musical expert. I do know a guy who does fancy himself as a fight song connoisseur, though. He is Norm Maves Jr., who recently retired from a long career as a reporter at The Oregonian, mostly in sports.

Make what you want of the ratings, which put Washington State's deftly-named "Fight Song" at #1, and USC's "Fight On" (the song that never ends) at #9. Oregon State's "Hail to Old OSU" comes in at #7, for this reason:

Maves: I honestly don't know where this one came from, but if you listen to Eastern Michigan fight song, the first few bars are identical. I don't know who stole from whom, but they ought to be ashamed.

You be the judge!

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