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Over the Dam - 6.24.09

--On Monday it was announced that former linebackers coach Robin Ross is returning from a stint at Western Washington as a graduate assistant. Since WWU cut their football program, he's still being paid, which is why he's chosen the non-paid, academic scholarship position.

--James Day of the Statesman Journal reports that Oregon is now a step closer to passing the 'Rooney Rule', a bill that would require Oregon's state universities to interview a minority candidate when hiring head coaches or athletic directors. The Senate made some amendments to the bill recently before it passed 52-0 in the House on Tuesday. It's now on it's way to Governor Ted Kulongoski, who is expected to sign the bill. Oregon would be the first state to enact such a law. 

Ted Miller's take:

Only seven of the 119 FBS programs have black head coaches even though roughly 50 percent of the players are black. Four of those black coaches -- Miami of Ohio's Mike Haywood, New Mexico State's DeWayne Walker, New Mexico's Mike Locksley and Eastern Michigan's Ron English -- were hired last year. So obviously none were added at BCS schools.

The NFL has a "Rooney Rule," upon which the Oregon bill was based. Six of the 32 NFL head coaches are black.

The idea isn't to force an institution to hire anybody. It's not affirmative action.

It simply requires closed networks to at least pretend to open up. It says, "You want to hire this guy. Fine. But at least talk to this guy."

The idea is that a forced, even perfunctory, interview might open some eyes and, in the long term, increase diversity.

It seems to me that Oregon State is open to minority coaches-- Bob De Carolis didn't hesitate to hire Craig Robinson based on race... and Reggie Davis and Keith Heyward are both position coaches on the football team. 

--Sean Mannion gave a verbal commitment to Oregon State this week after attending an OSU football camp over the weekend. He's a 6-5, 205 pro-style passser out of Pleasanton, California. 

--Riley has picked five grayshirts for the upcoming season--Reggie Dunn is one of them. 

--Kevin O'Neill has been introduced to the USC community-- and seems optimistic.

--ATQ brings us the news that the Ducks have new uniforms.  

--Ken Kutson will not be returning as head coach of the UW baseball program next season.

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