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Cue: the Offseason

Both Women's Crew and Baseball had their seasons come to an end on Sunday, marking the beginning of a three-month long hiatus for Beaver Nation. But just because there won't be any teams out on the playing field doesn't mean we won't have anything to talk about. 

Because Building the Dam is a blog that prides itself on being of, by, and for the fans, I am interested in what you guys would like to see in this space during the offseason. Here are some things I have in mind:

  • Periodically looking at football teams around the Pac-10, sizing up the competition and preparing for the 2009 schedule
  • Taking a look at Oregon State's 2009 football team in preparation for the season
  • Keeping tabs on current Oregon State baseball players in their summer leagues
  • Keeping tabs on former OSU baseball players in the minor and major leagues
  • Laying out some expectations and goals for Beaver athletic teams in the 2009-2010 athletic/school year
  • About a year or two ago we did a "Moment of the Year" tournament, where we basically ranked various moments in Oregon State sports throughout the prior season. If there's interest, I'm willing to try that again. 
And if anyone has any other ideas on what they would like to see happen on Building The Dam, leave it in the comment thread of write me an e-mail. I'm open to ideas... I want to write what people are interested in reading.

Let me know!