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Where Do You Rank Reser?

Is Reser one of the toughest places to play in the Pac-10?
Is Reser one of the toughest places to play in the Pac-10?

Ted Miller recently made note of a Bleacher Report article which ranked the ten Pac-10 stadiums in increasing order of "Toughest Places to Play".

As Miller notes, the Bleacher Reporter's list is somewhat laughable:

  1. Autzen Stadium, Oregon
  2. Martin Stadium, Washington State
  3. Arizona Stadium, Arizona
  4. Sun Devil Stadium, Arizona State
  5. Memorial Stadium, California
  6. Husky Stadium, Washington
  7. Rose Bowl, UCLA
  8. L.A. Coliseum, USC
  9. Reser Stadium, Oregon State
  10. Stanford Stadium, Stanford 
Miller's list, on the other hand, is more like it:
  1. Autzen Stadium
  2. L.A. Coliseum
  3. Memorial Stadium
  4. Reser Stadium
  5. Arizona Stadium
  6. Sun Devil Stadium
  7. Husky Stadium
  8. Rose Bowl
  9. Martin Stadium
  10. Stanford Stadium
His comments on Reser are as follows:
Reser Stadium ain't big, but I found it pretty freaking loud standing on the field as the Beavers finished whipping California last year. Can also be fairly moist. And chilly. And Mark Banker's defense can be a problem.
Ranking stadium atmospheres like this is difficult because it has so much to due with how the teams are playing and how rabid a particular fan base is surrounding a program. For example, the Arizona Basketball program drew 13,500 plus at every home game in the midst of what seemed to be a down year, relatively, for the usual Pac-10 powerhouse. Similarly, Gill Coliseum would have been called one of the toughest places to play in college basketball back in the 80's, but one of the easiest places to play earlier in this decade, when the Beavers seldom won at home. 

Back to football...  some stadiums in the conference are viewed as easy places to get wins right now because of their fans go into hiding when their team isn't winning. Either that, or, they simply don't have anything to cheer for. Washington State, for example, averaged over 30,000 fans per game (in a stadium that holds nearly 40,000), and only won two games at home (Portland State, Washington). 

With all that being said, what's your Top 10 list of Pac-10 stadiums look like, based on "toughness" to play? More specifically, where do you rank Reser? Look for my rankings in the comment section.