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2009 MLB Draft Recap: Beaver Style

The 2009 Major League Baseball Draft has come to an end and six Beavers found themselves drafted. Additionally, five OSU recruits, both in football and baseball, got selected.

Here is a list of all the recruits and players drafted:

  • Kyrell Hudson, Philadelphia Phillies, 3rd Round, 106th Overall
  • Ryan Ortiz, Oakland Athletics, 6th Round, 183rd Overall
  • Andrew Susac, Philadelphia Phillies, 16th Round, 497th Overall
  • Jorge Reyes, San Diego Padres, 17th Round, 504th Overall
  • Kraig Sitton, Boston Red Sox, 17th Round, 528th Overall
  • Joey Wong, Colorado Rockies, 24th Round, 721st Overall
  • Tony Bryant, Minnesota Twins, 25th Round, 762nd Overall
  • Greg Peavey, Houston Astros, 32nd Round, 971st Overall
  • Adalberto Santos, San Diego Padres, 35th Round, 1,044th Overall
  • Jordan Poyer, Florida Marlins, 42nd Round, 1,268th Overall
  • Jeff Ames, Philadelphia Phillies, 46th Round, 1,397th Overall

The 2009 Draft spanned 50 Rounds with 1,421 selections made. Most likely the only player that will turn pro is Ryan Ortiz, but Andrew Susac will be a great replacement for him at Catcher. Football and Baseball recruit, Kyrell Hudson also might turn to the professional ranks.

Players have until August 17th to decide whether or not they will make the jump to the pros.