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Over the Dam - 6.10.09

Several players with Northwest ties and ties to programs in the Northwest were selected in the first rounds of the MLB First Year Player Draft yesterday. One hundred and eleven players were selected on Day 1, and we're not even 90% done yet, folks. 

Oregon State recruit Kyrell Hudson, an outfielder from Evergreen High in Vancouver, went to the Phillies in the third round. Hudson was taken as the 106th pick overall, but still needs to consider a football career at Oregon State. He signed with Oregon State in February to play football beginning this coming year. OSU players such as Ryan Ortiz and Jorge Reyes still remain on the board... we'll see what happens when the draft resumes at 9 AM PT today. 

This article has been out a few days, but Brooks Hatch took a look at what Oregon State baseball did despite the injuries they faced--and still felt they didn't reach their potential. 

Casey said the team did a lot, considering the adversity.

"There were a lot of young guys who got a lot of experience," he said. "They got a bunch out of themselves -. those guys found ways to win games."

The Beavers returned to the NCAA tournament after a one-year hiatus, and to the upper half of the Pac-10 after a two-year absence. And yet, the Beavers returned home after a season-ending 5-4 loss at TCU with a sense they left some unfinished business on the field.

Kevin Hampton of the Gazette-Times takes a look at the budget crisis through the eyes of the wrestling programs. He argues that wrestling programs are usually the first to go-- because of Title IX implications and the fact that is considered a non-revenue sport. Hampton quotes Les Gutches, the former South Medford and OSU wrestling star, who was recently inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame, as saying that he's tremendously benefited from wrestling and would hate to see student-athletes lose the opportunity. ""For me as a wrestler, I deeply regret it when any program is cut. "Especially a wrestling program because I've been through that system and I realize how important wrestling is and how important it is to those who participate in it at the college level."

Aaron Fentress of the Oregonian has his latest minor league spotlight out-- a look at former OSU star Aaron Mathews, who is currently in the Blue Jays organization. 

And, in Pac-10 news, Conquest Chronicles informs us that Tim Floyd is out at USC. That's interesting. More fallout on that situation in the coming days, I'm sure. 

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