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Baseball Open Thread: at Portland

Through Two: Jake Bertalotto here, live from Joe Etzel Field on the campus of the University of Portland, where the Beavers and the Pilots are tied with no score in the bottom of the secon d.


3:32 p.m.: Portland has made a pitching change, taking Scott Burris out of the game in favor of senior righthander Matthew Lange. Burris, who will make a start when the Beavers play Pepperdine this weekend here at Joe Etzel Field. Burris sat down six straight Beavers in his two innings of work. With Lange, a 6-6 righty out of Lake Oswego, on the mound, the Beavers are threatening, with Rob Folsom reaching base on a single to shortstop, and Tommasini reaching on a walk.

3:36 p.m.: Beavers get two runners into scoring position in the top of the third inning, but they can't get a run home as Lange gets out of a big jam for the Pilots. After two and a half, it's Oregon State 0, Portland 0.

3:46 p.m.: Bottom of the third, with Gavilglio racking up six strikeouts through three innings. Catcher Rocky Gale reached second in the inning, but Gaviglio caught Craig Smith looking to end the inning.


3:48 p.m.: Ryan Ortiz gets the just second base-hit of the inning, the first one hit hard in the game. Stefen Romero at the plate, nobody out.

3:50: Beavers execute the hit-and-run play beautifully, with Stefen Romero hitting the ball through the hole at second with Ortiz taking off from first base. Runners on the corners now for Adalberto Santos, who is playing left field in today's game. 

3:51: Beavers get the lead on a fielder's choice off the bat of Santos. The ball wasn't quite hit sharply enough to turn a double play, so the Beavers have Santos on second (stolen base) with one out. 

3:55: Third balk of the game by the UP pitching staff brings in Adalberto Santos home from third, and the Beavers lead it 2-0. Max Schupe goes down on strikes. Ed Wakefield now pitching for the Pilots. 

3:58: Rob Folsom attempts his first stolen base of the season, and is out by a mile at second. Beavers get two home in the top of the fourth. 

4:02: UP's Riley Hendricks hits a homer to left field... I couldn't see it from my vantage point in the press box, but Pat Casey didn't agree with the umpire's call from the first base dugout. Regardless, the Beavers' lead is cut in half, and the score is now 2-1, Oregon State.


4:11: Beavers have two on, no outs as Carter Bell walks and Tommasini is hit by pitch. Perfect bunt by John Wallace, who gets aboard with a base hit. Joey Wong at the plate, with the bases loaded, no outs. 

4:16: Ryan Ortiz drills a ball to left field, and two runs score for the Beavers.

4:16: Romero hits a frozen rope off the glove of new UP pitcher Keeler Brynteson. Bases re-loaded for Adalberto Santos. 

4:19: Adalberto Santos beats out a double play on a hard-hit ball to second... John Wallace comes in on the play, and the Beavers lead it 5-1. 

4:20 UP left fielder Garrett Queen settles under a Max Schupe fly ball in left field, but the Beavers score three runs in the inning. 5-1 Beavers... Unnecessary walks and hit batsmen by the Pilots in that inning have them trailing by four. 


4:30: UP sat down quickly in the bottom of the fifth. Beavers have one on, two outs in the sixth.  

4:34: Josh Osich into the pitch for the Beavers, with Koa Kahalehoe in to play right field. Top of the order for the Pilots in the sixth. 

4:35: Leadoff hit down the right field line by Kris Kauppila... Craig Smith flies out to right... One out, one on. Kauppila has two of UP's four hits in the game.

4:36: Ball not traveling out of Joe Etzel Field today... Riley Henricks flies out to right, and Koa Kahalehoe has touched every ball off the bat of UP hitters this inning. 


4:50: Joey Wong makes a nice play in the hole at short to throw out Queen at first... two outs in the bottom of the seventh. 


4:56: New pitcher, Zach Varce, in to pitch for UP... he ushers a walk to Logan Boyd, and the Beavers have one aboard in the top of the eighth with Koa Kahalehoe at the plate.

4:57: Logan Boyd breaks for second after seeing the down angle of the baseball, but he is the third runner thrown out by UP catcher Rocky Gale in the game. 

5:01: Bottom of the eighth now, Oregon State six outs away from a win here in the Rose City. Osich throwing well, with lots of movement in the OSU bullpen. 

5:02: Kevin Armijo reaches base on an infield stubber that had quite a bit of english on it... Josh Osich couldn't quite pick up the ball as it spun towards the first-base line. Leadoff man aboard for the Pilots in the eighth... hard base hit by Rocky Gale as he was trying to call time-out to the home plate umpire. Two runners aboard now for Kris Kauppila, who's 2-for-3 on the day. 

5:06: Things getting somewhat interesting in the bottom of the eighth, as the Pilots have two on with no outs and Kris Kauppila at the dish. 

5:07: Kauppila, the Pilots' freshman shortstop, strikes out. UP will go with pinch hitter Clayton Shaw, and Nate Yeskie comes out to the mound... the Beavers will will stick with Osich. 

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