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Today's Poll: Does the Road to the World Series Run Through Corvallis?

ConnorOSU's frequent references to Mitch Canham's "O State Ballaz" rap song from a couple years ago has gotten me thinking today. Here's the first verse of the song:

Hold up! Let me strap on my Nike cleats
Cause the next man coming is at 90 feet
Steady Omaha bound from the top of the Pack 10
Stepping in the box, tugging on my black brim
And if you're thinking that your team can challenge
The road to the World Series runs through Corvallis

And don't be mad, ‘cause they got your team shook
Just ask USC how that ring looks

So now, my question for you is this: Will the Beavers host a regional?

Does the Road to the World Series run through Corvallis?

And just for fun:

--Jake (