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Fort Worth Regional Championship: OSU vs. TCU, Take 2, Open Thread

NCAA Baseball Tournament, Fort Worth Regional, Game 6

OSU Game 56 - vs. TCU - 5 PM PT - Elimination Game - Video feed link TBA

Hopefully this is the first of two championship games against TCU for the Beavers, as they'll be facing elimination tonight against a team that dominated the Beavers, at least on paper, last night in a 13-1 ballgame.

No need for a TCU preview here... I honestly believe that it's not about who the opponent is at this point, it's the way the Beavers come out and play.

First pitch is scheduled for 5 PM PT. Like the Beavers are doing right now, grab some water, get your rest, and we'll see you back here in a couple hours!

--Jake (