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OSU vs. Texas A&M (Again) Open Thread

Game 55 - Oregon State vs. Texas A&M - 12 PM PT - Video and Audio Links TBA

As the 2006 and 2007 Oregon State Beavers showed, anything can happen when you get into the post-season. Anything.    

The Beavers will be playing in their 55th game of the season today. It could be their last, or they could play ten more. 

We're at the point of the season where the Beavers need to choose what path they're going to take. Someone can step up and take this team onto their shoulders and lead them off into Super Regionals and to Omaha, or the team could call it a year and head back to Corvallis.

In this win-or-go-home elimination game today, the Beavers are going to need stellar pitching and at least some offense to stymie the Aggies for the second time of the weekend.

First pitch is at 12 PM PT. 

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