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FW Regional, Game 2: TCU vs. Wright State

The Beavers have already clinched a spot in the winner's bracket with their 9-8 win over Texas A&M this afternoon. The Beavers will now be able to relax and check out Game 2 of the regional between TCU and Wright State... the Beavers will play the winner tomorrow at 5 PM PT. 

Again, this game is being streamed live on Check out the video if you wish, but I'll be coming to you tonight with a recap of the game, which will begin a series of previews that should hit the site before tomorrow night's game. 

Here's the place for you to relax and enjoy baseball on a Friday night, with Oregon State now done for the day. If there's any questions about this team or the regional that you have that you'd like me to answer, here's the place. 

Other than that, enjoy your Friday night, and let's go get a win tomorrow!

--Jake (