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Fort Worth Regional Preview Open Thread

The Fort Worth Regional gets underway today at Lupton Stadium in Fort Worth. We've been previewing the regional all week here on Building the Dam. Here's what we've published this week regarding the regional. Read up!

(1) TCU

Getting to Know TCU

Hosting the Fort Worth Regional at Lupton Stadium

Preview Podcast w/ Brandie Davidson

(2) Texas A&M

Getting to Know Texas A&M

Pitching Staff Preview

Hitters Preview

Preview Podcast

(3) Oregon State

vs. Texas A&M Mindset

Regular Season Review, Part 1

Regular Season Review, Part 2

(4) Wright State

Getting to Know WSU

Preview Podcast with Greg Campbell

We'll be back with a game open thread later this morning. Remember, it's the Beavers and Aggies at 12 PM PT, and then the Horned Frogs and Raiders tonight at 5 PM PT. 

All your Fort Worth Regional conversation here.

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