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BtD Podcast: Fort Worth Regional, TCU Edition

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We'll continue our series of podcasts previewing the Fort Worth regional by taking a closer look at the Texas Christian University Raiders. We took a preliminary look at the Raiders earlier in the week, and that post is available for you to check up on as well.

The Beavers will play Texas A&M in the first round before playing either TCU or Wright State. Wright State and TCU will duke it out in the first round on Friday at 5 p.m. Pacific. 

Here's a 15-minute podcast that covers some general aspects of TCU's season, and features an interview with Brandie Davidson of the TCU Sports Information Department. In the interview, Brandie and myself talk about the Texas weather, what's planned for the regional at Lupton Stadium, TCU's confidence level heading in to the regional, and more. 

Jake Bertalotto, Building the Dam: Brandie, thanks for joining us. First of all, I have to ask, how's the weather in Texas today?

Brandie Davidson, TCU:  About 85 and beatutiful, you couldn't ask for a better day.

Jake: When a team like an Oregon State comes in from another regionon of the US, do you ever see them have problems dealing with the heat?

Brandie: Not on a baseball level, but you'll see it more in football when people don't prepare for the humidity. It's all about keeping hydrated because people don't know what it's like when they're high temperatures and humidly. It's really just about hydrating and getting enough fluids. 

Jake: Is the sun a factor at Lupton Stadium?

Brandie: It shines right into the third base dugout. It's not a huge problem for any of the players, but it's still different to play the high blue sky. When there's not any clouds, it's a blight blue sky and it can you can lose it. 

Jake: Lupton Stadium... is it an intimidating venue? The Beavers will likely be heavily outmatched in the stands. 

Brandie: When we're playing A&M it can definitely be. They have chants for everything and they may have the longest fight song in the world. It's a sight to behold for sure. At Lupton Stadium, you're right on top of the field. Our lower deck, you're starting right at the batter on deck and your two feet from him. The upper deck is an amazing view, you're right on top of the field, and there's not a bad seat in the house. Hopefully you guys will have as great of an expereince playing in the 2:00 (Texas time) game against A&M as we will at 7 p.m. against Wright State. 

Jake: Is there a lot that of extra effort that had to go into the stadium in order to get it ready for the regional? Or is it relatively easy. 

Brandie: We just hosted a conference tournament last week. In our minds, while this is a higher stage, this will be more an easier tournament to run because our conference tournament was televised. Obviously with the weather, you have to be concerned about the general public's health in terms of keeping people hydrated. We're adding a lot and anticipating a sold out venue. We're anticipating 3,500, 3,600 at every session depending on who's playing. It's one of those things where you bring in more people and you try to do more becuase you're trying to leave an impression. We've beefed up concessions and added some things. On the baseball side, it's perfectly find and ready to go any day of the week. It's a great venue-- fans will love it. the NCAA limits us in terms of the game experence in terms of the video board, but we try to do whatever we can. 

Jake: Is this a confident TCU squad heading into regionals?

Brandie: Yeah, I'd say it's a confideent and hungry team. It's a big senior class that has accomplished the goal of hosting. This is something they set out to do as freshman, and they're here, but they're not going to be happy with it. They all love playing the game and they don't care who the opponent is-- the better the opponenent, bring 'em on. 

Feedback on the podcast, or anything else? Feel free to e-mail me with your suggestions. 

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