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Selection Monday Open Thread [9:30, ESPN]

"This is how the ring look."
"This is how the ring look."

It's "that" day again... the day that Oregon State's post-season fate will be determined by a group of committee members. Last year's Selection Monday didn't turn out so well for the Beavers, as the back-to-back National Champions were left out because of some questionable non-conference losses. Remember? They took Nebraska instead. 

I don't even want to delve into the politics... I'll leave that to the Gazette-Times' Brooks Hatch:

We're sure that regional host North Carolina, for example, will again face rigorous competition from the champions of the Patriot League, the Northeast Conference and the Atlantic Sun Conference, or from some other RPI bottom-feeder.

And we're certain the ASU, UC Irvine and CSU Fullerton events will be stacked with the best Pac-10, WAC, WCC and MWC clubs so the West Coast teams can eliminate each other, and that even though a limited number of West Coast teams are selected, those from the best two conferences will be lumped in the same Super Region bracket so they can eliminate themselves in the round of 16.

My policy: Let's just get in the tournament and take care of business. 

The Selection Show airs at 9:30 a.m. on ESPN. Here's the place to conduct all your NCAA tournament selection related business.

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