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Let's Get 501-504, Then Come Back to 500

Pat Casey won his 500th game at Oregon State on Tuesday night against the Oregon Ducks.
Pat Casey won his 500th game at Oregon State on Tuesday night against the Oregon Ducks.

I was in attendance at Goss Stadium on Tuesday night for Pat Casey's 500th win. I was skeptical about walking through the turnstiles after I happened to attend OSU's first two home losses-- both to USC-- of the season, but redeemed myself last night as I watched the Beavers beat the Ducks for the fourth time of the year. 

The win, in case you haven't heard, gave Pat Casey his 500th at Oregon State.

What an accomplishment.

However, as I'm sure the coach will tell you, the Beavers need to get 501-505 to make #500 even more special. 

The victory over the Ducks puts the Beavers a tally in the win column closer to a trip to NCAA Regionals, but the Beavers must next further impress the committee with a win against Oregon today in Keizer, and a series win in Palo Alto. 

The post-game festivities were fitting, with Pat Casey receiving the game ball from Associate Athletic Director Todd Standbusry, surrounded by his players and fellow coaches. Highlights of his career played on the video board, and a large contingent of Beaver Nation stuck around to watch. 

However, you got the feeling that Coach Casey just wanted to get back to business.

While Casey's 500th win is a huge milestone in his coaching career, the season in which he accomplished it won't mean nearly as much to Casey if he doesn't get 501, 502, 503, and beyond.

The Beavers have four games left on the schedule, and probably need to win at least three to be confident heading into Selection Monday, which is now just five days away. 

Let's acknowledge it, move on, take care of business, and come back to celebrate this more when the season is done.

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