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Santos' Blasts Not Enough to Overtake Washington State

Adalberto Santos went 3-for-4 in the game, with two home runs. (Photo by Ethan Erickson)
Adalberto Santos went 3-for-4 in the game, with two home runs. (Photo by Ethan Erickson)

Final Score: Washington State 7, Oregon State 6

Adalberto Santos hit two home runs, and Ryan Ortiz hit another, but the power surge by the Oregon State offense wasn't enough to take down Washington State, 

The Beavers dug themselves into an early hole, allowing three WSU runs to score in the first inning. The Cougars added three more over the course of the third and forth innings, then added an insurance run in the sixth, and held on from there. 

Oregon State starter Tanner Robles got off to a rough start, allowing those three runs in the first inning. He ended up pitching three innings, allowing eight hits and six runs-- all of them earned. 

"It is frustrating to come out and spot somebody run after run in the first inning," Casey told the media after the game. "Obviously, (Robles) was struggling. He just didn't have it tonight. I didn't see anything, in particular, mechanically or otherwise". 

The Beavers did enough to come back in the game, scoring three runs over the course of the second and the third, and then one run in the sixth, seventh, and eighth innings. Once the Beavers got back into the game, had the opportunities to overtake the Cougars.

Coach Casey was proud of the way his team battled back, but "We just didn't finish."

The Beavers, who were sitting in second place in the Pac-10 conference a week ago after beating Washington at Safeco Field, fell to fifth in the standings. Oregon State is now 30-15 overall, and 12-10 in the Pac-10 conference.

The three game series continues today at 2:00 p.m., with the Beavers needing a win to keep a series-victory bid alive. 

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