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The Top Ten Pac-10 Games from Last 5 years: #6-4

Note: Sorry it took so long to get up. Computer broke. Anyways here we go!

For those that don't know, Building the Dam has been recapping the best Pac-10 games from the last 5 years. To recap:

10. Washington @ USC, 2006. USC wins 26-20 on too-late snap by UW

9. Washington @ Cal, 2006. UW ties game with heave, loses in OT 31-24

8. Cal @ UCLA, 2005. UCLA scores 19 points in 13 minutes to top Cal 47-40

7. Oregon @ WSU, 2004. Ducks score 13 points in final 5 minutes for comeback win in thriller, 41-38


So there you have the first 4 games. Now for #s 6-4.

#6. November 15th, 2008. Arizona (6-3) @ Oregon (7-3)

What was at stake: Oregon was debuting the new black, wingged uniforms, and Arizona was hoping to be Oregon a 3rd straight year and put themselves in a good bowl situation.

What happened: Oregon came out fired up because of the unis, and they didn't disappoint. With not even a minute gone in the 1st quarter, Jeremiah Masoli ran for a 66 yard touchdown to get Oregon off to a hot start.

Oregon Vs. Arizona Highlights (via ArcticAutzen)

After that, it was all Oregon the rest of the first half. Following a field goal with no time left, Oregon led Arizona 45-17 at halftime. But the Wildcats were not to be denied. The 2nd half, UA came out as solid as the Ducks in the first half, and UO looked as flat as the 'Cats. Scoring 28 points in a 16 minute span, Arizona cut the lead to 45-48 with just over 6 and a half minutes remaining. After a 3 and out for UO, Arizona got the ball back. With 5 and a half minutes left, UA had a 4th and 3 from their own 45 yard line. This is when Mike Stoops did what Mike Stoops does best: Mess up. He went for it, and didn't get it. Oregon with the ball, handed the ball to LaGarrette Blount and he ran for a 40 yard touchdown to put the game out of reach 55-45.


#5. November 24th, 2006. Oregon (7-4) @ Oregon St (7-4)

What was at stake: 3rd place in the Pac10. Civil War bragging rights. A perfect, miserable, rainy Saturday in Oregon. Everything the Civil War should be.

What happened: Oregon State came out and plugged away, like it usually does, and just wore down the Oregon defense with 4 yards here, 5 yards there. Leading 20-7 at halftime, it appeared OSU was in control.

2006 Civil War - Oregon at Oregon State (via thomasg86)

Going into the 4th quarter down 14-27, Oregon was not ready to give up just yet. After a Jonathan Stewart touchdown with 6 minutes left, Oregon State blocked the extra point. However, Oregon got the ball back and scored on a 26 yard pass to Jordan Kent from Brady Leaf. Kicking an extra point would have tied the game. But Mike Bellotti gave the all-clear for a two point conversion attempt. The Ducks got it and were up 28-27 with 3 minutes left. Oregon State got right back in it with a couple big throws from Matt Moore, and set up a soggy, wind-in-your-face 40 yard field goal for Alexis Serna. But as we say in Corvallis "In Alexis We Trust" and he came through big, nailing it right down the middle, giving OSU a 30-28 lead with 1:12 left. Game not over. Jonathan Stewart hit the return to the outside, and if not for a game saving push out of bounds at the OSU 43, would have scored. Oregon marched down to the OSU 27, when Oregon State called timeout with 20 seconds left. Then this happened (view from student section):

Oregon State Blocks UofO's Field Goal to Win 2006 Civil War (via panda2432)

Now all Beavers take a big sigh of relief: Game Over. Beavs win 30-28.

#4 October 6th, 2007. Stanford (1-3) @ USC (4-0)

What was at stake: Oh just the Stanford students annual pilgrimage to LA for the USC game. And USC being a 41-point favorite. And USC's national championship aspirations. But that didn't matter because USC was going to stomp Stanford...

What happened: We all know what happened. John David Booty threw 4 interceptions. Stanford played the game of their lives. All it came down to was a 10 yard touchdown pass from a freshman Tavita Pritchard with 49 seconds left on 4th and goal to the back of the end zone against the #1 team in the country in front of 90,000 of their fans. But no big deal right?

STANFORD UPSETS USC (via kevbomac2205)

This was not only felt in the Pac-10. It was felt all across the country, especially in Louisiana...

LSU's response to USC losing!! (via pinklsutiger3405)

So there's 4, 5, and 6.

Check back tomorrow for the 3 Best Pac-10 Games from the last 5 years! Any guesses?

--The VD Special