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If the Basketball Team Played Baseball... My Starting Lineup

Here's my starting defense, if the 2008-09 Men's Basketball team played baseball.
Here's my starting defense, if the 2008-09 Men's Basketball team played baseball.

The Basketball season has ended joyously, so it's now time to turn our heads to Goss Stadium at Coleman field to focus on the baseball team. To make this transition from basketball to baseball, let's pretend that the basketball team played baseball. Here's my starting lineup, of which you can see the defensive alignment above:

  1. Rickey Claitt - Second Base: Definitely a tough first out for the opposing pitcher. He'll be able to work deep into the count, and I'm thinking Claitt would be able to wreak havoc on the basepaths... not with sheer speed, but by being adept and cognizant of the game of baseball.
  2. Seth Tarver - Center Field: I couldn't think of any better guy to move Claitt into scoring position with a bunt or a base hit... Seth will do anything you ask him to. He'll also work pitchers deep into the count if the need be, and has enough power to knock several balls out of the yard per year. 
  3. Calvin Haynes - Shortstop: As probably the best all-around hitter on the team, Haynes checks in at #3 in the lineup. He'll likely hit for a high average, but also pick up the timely hits and accumulate RBI's. He may go through droughts where he can't hit worth a lick, but when he's hot, watch out. 
  4. Lathen Wallace - Third Base: Talk about power. This man has the ability to set back and launch home run balls all day, making him the logical clean up hitter. Defensively, Lathen should be able to snag balls in the hot corner and fling throws across the diamond all day. 
  5. Calvin Hampton - First Base: He may not be the most agile man on the roster, but he should be able to hit it a country mile. He might pop up and strike out a lot, but when he makes full contact, Yahtzee!
  6. Omari Johnson - Right Field: His length gives him the great ability to track down fly balls in the outfield, but it also gives him power from the batters box. He'll be proficient at hitting deep sacrifice flies with runners on third, and will occasionally launch a round--tripper. 
  7. Joey McConnell - Designated Hitter: Scrappy hitter who can find the gaps and beat out infield ground balls. He may not hit for a high average, but he'll always be there to get the job done. 
  8. Daniel Deane - Catcher: Not sure what this guy would look like with a bat in his hands, but my feeling is that he'd be a workhorse behind the plate. He's in the lineup for his defensive prowess, and whatever offense we can get from him is a bonus.
  9. Josh Tarver - Left Field: He's the spark any head coach would like to have at the bottom of the lineup. He provides the spark at the end of the lineup. He'll make a great secondary leadoff man in front of Claitt.  
Roeland Schaftenaar - Pitcher: Roeland would get the start on the mound. His tall, lanky frame would allow him to throw his fastball into the upper 90's and low 100's, I'm guessing. Plus, can you imagine all the junk pitches he'd have in his arsenal? I'm guessing a wicked curveball, a dirty slider, and maybe a parabolic eephus pitch that resembles his jump hook:

That's my starting lineup. What's yours?

--Jake (