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Baseball Open Thread and Poll: at UCLA, Game 2



Here is today's game information:

Game Time: 2 p.m. PT.
Pitching: RHP: Greg Peavey (3-2, 3.94) versus expected RHP: Trevor Bauer (6-3, 2.64)

Go Beavs!

Some thoughts: Okay, Friday's game was not a good one and now the Beavs are 1 and 3 for the last four games and the conference losses are starting to creep up to the wins.

So, now the optimism that is so key for RVM is starting to slowly fade. Now don't get me wrong, I know there is a good amount of season left and we have ASU and WSU at home and I still think post-season is going to happen, but the offense just is not producing like it was and Waldron's performance was not a good one. Now I know USC and UCLA both have a ton of talent, but to me these last three losses have been easily winnable for the Beavs team we saw earlier in the season.

So here is my poll: