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Add BtD on Twitter... Because now, it's a game.

First of all... I'll be tackling the long and interminable ACT today and then going on a long and interminable baseball road-trip this afternoon, so this is likely all you'll see of me today. To keep you intersted, here's what I have planned for the coming days:

  •  A preview of this weekend's UCLA series
  • Q&A with Bruins Nation regarding the series.
  • Interviews with the play-by-play voices for Darwin Barney and Mitch Canham's minor league teams
  • A broader Men's Basketball season recap
  • Baseball coverage on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
So there's that. 

Secondly, you can add Building the Dam on Twitter here. The SB Nation folk have now made it a race to see which blog can get 5,000 followers first... Now, I'm pretty confident that our friendly community won't win the prize, but it's still kind of a fun idea. 

So that's that. If there's something on your mind, share it in the comments or the FanPosts!

And enjoy the sunshine... if you're lucky enough to be in it.