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Lalich, are you there? Yeah, he is.

Peter Lalich plays some light catch with a backup receiver during Friday's Scrimmage.
Peter Lalich plays some light catch with a backup receiver during Friday's Scrimmage.

Some of you have been asking about Virginia transfer Peter Lalich, who came to the Oregon State program last fall after getting the boot by Cavalier (thanks, ArbyOSU) head coach Al Groh. 

I snapped the picture you see on the right at the scrimmage on Friday. Canfield was with the first team, Katz with the 2's, and Justin Engstrom with the 3's. Lalich didn't get a snap in the scrimmage, and was limited to playing some light catch with a backup receiver. 

There's simply too many quarterbacks on the roster. 

Brennan Sim, the 6-2, 205 junior quarterback from Portland's Sunset High School, already left the team a little over two weeks ago after he found himself buried in the depth chart. 

With three or four guys ahead of him, will Lalich look to do the same?

Plus, Lalich has never seemed to fit in at Oregon State, and has never really made a run at moving up the depth chart. He was Virginia's starter two years ago, so you can only imagine that this guy is aching to get into a starting role somewhere. 

"We've got too many quarterbacks,'' Riley told the media several weeks ago. "It's too long of a line and not enough turns.'

Riley also said that Sim hopes to land somewhere where he can get more reps, possibly at South Alabama. I haven't seen any news regarding him joining up with another program, but I'll keep my eyes out for news.

We'll get into this in a more in-depth fashion in the following months, I'm sure, but doesn't it seems like this is Canfield's year?

Not just because Moevao is sitting the spring out, but it sort of feels like Canfield is just approaching his prime. 

But either way, Canfield and Moevao are a dynmaic duo that not many programs can brag about. Either guy could get the job done, this next year especially. 

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