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Weekend In Review: So, it Wasn't the Best Ever

So, yeah:


  • My weekend started out with the football scrimmage, which seemed to get dwarfed by three very interesting baseball games. Read my quickly scribbled account here. I hope to delve deeper into some positional things (secondary, plug your ears) as Spring Practice rolls on, but I don't like to make promises like that. If you've got something in particular you'd like to discuss, drop me an e-mail or just belt it out in the FanPosts. Oh, and I also have some more pictures that I'll share as well.
  • Then, there was Game 1 of the series against USC.  The open thread is here.... my general thoughts on the game here, and a more traditional game recap here. The big story of this game was the Beavers' inability to get hits when they were needed, move runners, and just in general execute Pat Casey's beloved style of "small-ball". In retrospect, was this game a bad omen for what was ahead? Absolutely.
  • In Game 2, the Beavers couldn't score a run with the game tied at two... in the bottom of the eighth... with no outs.... with runners on first and second. How it happened, I don't know, but that wheel play USC ran to get a double play on the bunt was pretty cool. I had never seen that happen before. Needless to say, USC got three weak hits and one decently struck hit in the ninth, scored three runs, then hooped and hollered about their series win like only Los Angeles boys can do. Open thread here... thoughts from Goss here...and the obligatory traditional game recap here. "OSU" was also in attendance at the game, and he shares his thoughts in a FanPost.
  • When it seemed like the Blazers might brighten our spirits after the Beavers lost the series to the Trojans... BAM!! Yao Ming. The Houston Rockets. Period. Read Dave's account of Game 1 here. If you've never been to Blazer's Edge before, go there, and your Blazer thirst will be quenched, guaranteed. 
  • So then, it was back to baseball on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, when things got off to a better start when the Beavers scored four runs in the first inning. They left the bases loaded, though, which didn't seem bad at the time, but it kind of sucked when USC scored four in the seventh to tie the game and eventually force extra innings. The Beavers had again had a bunch of opportunities to do all sorts of things in a few innings, especially the ninth. We got John Wallace to third with one out in the ninth, but for some reason USC is addicted to double plays... so much for that inning. But in the tenth!! The Baseball Gods FINALLY smiled on Corvallis, as Daniel Copper through John Tommasini's bunt into the outfield to score Koa Kahalehoe from third. Read all about it: Open ThreadGame Recap.  So now, you're asking... If Copper hadn't made that error, would the Beavers have scored a run to win the game? It's unlikely. We'll take the win and get the heck out of that series.
  • I've kind of been holding this inside for the past day or so, but I think I'm responsible for the two losses this weekend. More on that later, though.
Aren't you glad it's Monday?

BEAT UCLA. (That reminds me... we'll get the Bruins Nation guys in here for some Q&A this week.)