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Today's Poll - What Would You Do With K-Rhod

It's been awhile since we've had a poll, so let's try to dust off the BtD voting contraption and try to get this thing going again.

Kevin Rhoderick, who can probably set off car alarms in the parking lot with his fastball, has been a bit wild and crazy as of late. After a fairly consistent freshman campaign last year, he's struggled at times finding the strike zone this year.

Up until last night in the game against BYU, it seemed like Kevin was on a bit of a cold streak-- but the seven pitch save he recorded has night has me thinking it could be an up and down season for the Scottsdale native... or is this the beginning of the Kevin we saw last year?

Here's his stat line so far this season:

13 Appearances: 11.2 IP, 11 H, 6 R, 11 W, 18 K

His strikeout to walk ratio (1.63 strikeouts per walk) isn't great, but it seems like it could be better. The current ratio is almost identical to where Kevin was at the end of last season (32 strikeouts, 20 walks in 2008).

If you're Pat Casey or Nate Yeskie, what do you do?