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Spring Practice, Day Seven

Spring Practice continued as usual on Monday afternoon, with the Beavers practicing for the seventh time of the spring. Five practices remain before the Spring Game on May 2. 

As if the drabby Oregon weather wasn't enough to ruin his day, head coach Mike Riley wasn't thrilled with how practice went on Monday. The coaches are continuing to throw new formations and plays at the guys, but they should respond. 

"It was just okay (practice); we can do better than that," Riley said. "It always ebbs and flows with the more installation of stuff - it holds back the speed of practice."

Much was written about the wide receivers following Monday's practice. Wide receiver Casey Kjos and quarterback Ryan Katz continue to impress Steven Fenk and the Oregon State sports information folks: 

Junior receiver Casey Kjos had an impressive day, catching (...) two touchdowns passes in the team's "red ball" drill, one from Sean Canfield and one from Ryan Katz. (...) Katz made some nice tight spirals again today and it caught the eye of Riley.

As we mentioned yesterday, Kjos figures to be the guy at slotback, with Shane "First Down" Morales gone. Minor injuries are starting to mount, and one that may not be minor.

While a lot has been written regarding the offense so far in spring practice, Buker examines the defensive end position, where he thinks that Terry and Frahm could become the next Norris and Butler. He might be right:

Coach Seumalo isn't wringing his hands over the loss of Butler and Norris, because he sees the raw physical ability in the players he's working with this spring.

Seumalo was only half-joking he said he wanted OSU to increase its sack total from last season's 39, to somewhere in the 50s..

"The bar is set high for these guys,'' said Seumalo.

Frahm, who was featured by recently, is probably one of the strongest guys on the team. On his weight room routine, Kevin says, "I come in there and just go have fun and get wild and crazy. I'm the same in here as I am on the field."

Cliff Kirkpatrick of the Gazette-Times updates us on the injury situation:

Backup OG Michael Lamb missed practice with a left knee injury. He was hurt on the last play of Friday's practice.

Other new injuries are CB Brandon Hardin (quad), LB Kameron Krebs (quad) and CB Patrick Henderson (ankle). Hardin was hurt Friday, and expects to be back Wednesday. Krebs and Henderson were dinged Monday.

WR Geno Munoz (groin) was slowed some last week, but returned to form Monday. QB Lyle Moevao (shoulder) is out of the sling but isn't close to returning, yet. Rodgers (shoulder) doesn't even put on pads in his drills to make sure he isn't temped to lower his shoulder.

Anyone else starting to worry about Quizz?

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