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Fun video summary of the final OSU vs. UO baseball game

Since some of my fellow OSU fans seem a bit disturbed by some of the videos posted on AtQ I thought I would help them out.  Plus, even the ducks can find some good in here, so don't get too all over me about posting this my UO friends (and heck you all can post a video summary of game two)!

Actually, I just like this video in how it highlights this Coach Horton quotation: "The Beavers were playing at a lot different speed than we were."  Oh, and the coach also had this to say (among other things): "To be honest with you, and I don’t know if my group is smart enough to realize it, (but) we stole one (Saturday) night...We were pretty lucky to win one."

Oregon State Beavers vs. Oregon Ducks Baseball Civil War Highlights 3/29 (via rossgale)