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CBI Championship Series Game Two Open Thread

This is big, people!

The Beavers have never won a post-season tournament in the history of the universe, and they could do that tonight with a win over UTEP.

But it won't be easy... UTEP didn't play well on Monday night, and only lost by six. They'll likely be ready to go tonight in front of 12,000 fans on their home floor... the Beavers need to build on the momentum they created with a Game One Win.

For more information on the series: Game 1, Game 2.

Halftime Update: Impressive half of basketball by both teams. Oregon State was up early, UTEP battled back, and Oregon State finished out the half strong to take a five point lead into the break: Oregon State 35, UTEP 30. Schaftenaar leads all scorers with 12.. and the crowd is riding him hard. I think he's come out of the game twice so far. The first time he hit the bench, UTEP took advantage and scored four straight points. The second time, near the end of the half, the Beavers scored six straight points, helping them get to the locker room with a five point edge. Oregon Stae needs to play some lock-down defense in the second half to keep the UTEP shooters from going off. Should be a great second half!!

--Jake (