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Open Thread: UA at OSU

Pregame: It's game two of the season series with Arizona, with the Beavers hoping to improve on last months' abysmal showing in the desert. The Beavers are on a roll, winning their last four games, but so are the Wildcats, who've won three straight. It will be up to Oregon State's leaders es[ecially-- Calvin Haynes, Roeland Schaftenaar, and Seth Tarver, as well as everyone else on the team-- to set the tone early against the Wildcats, who are led by Chase Budinger, Nic Wise, and Jordan Hill.

Postgame: It was a heartbreaking loss... the Beavers lost 56-53 in a game that came down to the final tenths of a second.



Here's the place to share all your postgame thoughts.


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