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Today's Poll: The Home Stretch

I'm sure it's a paper-shuffling frenzy in the Valley Football Center right now, as Oregon State puts the finishing touches on their 2009 Recruiting Class. To visit the BtD Signing Day Open Thread, click here or simply scroll down the page. Again, check back late tonight for my report from the Recruiting Dinner.

But lets shift back to basketball for a moment-- the Beavers had a great first half of Pac-10 play, but there's still nine games left. Here's what the remaining schedule looks like:

vs. UA, vs. ASU, at UW, at WSU, vs. Stanford, vs. Cal, at Oregon, vs. UCLA, vs. USC

As a brief reminder, the Beavers beat USC, Cal, Stanford, and Oregon.

Can they pull off another four wins in the second half of the Pac-10 season? More? Less?

This is the subject of today's poll. Show your work in the comment thread.