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Today's Poll - Midseason MVP

We're halfway through the basketball games that matter, and things have turned out a lot better than initially expected. The Beavers have four wins in the Pac-10 through nine games, and were close to winning a fifth. In the other four games, however, things didn't go so well.

The VD Special has already named Calvin Haynes his MVP. He's also called him our Brandon Roy. Do you agree with him, or are you taking a different route?

The nominees are:

  • Calvin Haynes - He's probably our best statistical player, but is he the most valuable? He sat out the first six games because of grades, and just recently earned a starting spot.
  • Roeland Schaftenaar - The offense runs through Roeland, our who has created a position for himself... 'point-center'. Without him, it's tough to say what our offense would have looked like in games like the Cal and Stanford wins. If you look at the statistics, you'll see that our team really does "go as he goes".
  • Seth Tarver - The Jesuit grad simply wreaks havoc on opposing offenses at the top of Oregon State's zone. And usually, it's the defense that sparks the offense, which has been important to some crucial come-from-behind wins. Statistically, he has one fourth of the team steals, but I bet he's helped cause at least half of OSU's 133.
  • Other - maybe you can make an argument for Omari Johnson? or Daniel Deane? or Claitt? If you can, make us all believers in the thread.